Visia Skin Analysis
Visible Effects has an exclusive medical grade complexion analysis system. The computer imaging process only takes a few minutes and looks at six different components of the skin.

The system looks at visible spot, enlarged pores, bacteria count, wrinkles, eveness and invisible sun damage. This allows the clients to clearly see how their skin is ageing. The staff can then design an individual treatment plan according to the clients timeframe, goals and budget.
This skin analysis is FREE OF CHARGE.

Glycolic Peels
We use AHA and BHA in our peels. These are acids up to 70% strength. Pre treatment is required before peels at clinical strengths can be performed – this involves using glycolic acid cleansers or moisturiser for four weeks prior to treatment. Peels are offered in a treatment course usually of 1 peel per week for 6 weeks.

Like all the procedures available at Visible Effects we only stock and use products that have science to support their claims. Md formulations are cosmeceuticals – it is a therapist prescription only range that high doses of active ingredients and it works! Visible Effects is a Best Advice Md Formulations Clinic – recognising our up to date product knowledge and training.

Professional Peels
At Visible Effect we offer a full range of skin peels from Superficial to deep for most skin conditions:

Priori LCA Superficial Peels

DMK A Lift Enzyme Therapy

DMK Pro Alpha 6 Layer Peel

Medik8 Skin Needling
Superfacial with Skin Needling - Home Needling & Paramedical Skin Needling.
Skin Needling dramatically enhances the penetration of active ingredients leading to a significant increase in product effect. It is also excellent for collagen synthesis, improving acne scars, wrinkles and improving texture of the skin.

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